Language and This Handmaid’s Tail Tells Her Tale

I don’t watch a lot of television. Oddly, I’m working on breaking into certain segments within the entertainment industry. Since I was a very little girl, I have always loved the written word and it, like a Lover secured in its own knowledge of love and self has allowed me to leave it and learn how much I needed and loved it, returning to it, healthier and whole. Or maybe just less broken. My most honest communication is through the written word. Which is also why I don’t watch much TV. Writer’s words have been so twisted and their truth propositioned for sales and time slots. Plus, there’s just a lot of crap out there! Gratuitous sex that is just horrible on all levels, shifty and empty plots, horrible lighting and costumes, really bad acting; it’s just not a good look at all. There are some shows I do enjoy and one recently added to the K-Boogie Roster, The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s dark and also just good! The myopic attitude and tone for some seem farfetched but I really don’t understand how anyone could think these things aren’t plausible, especially in the day and age we live in. I came into the series at its sixth episode and was paradoxically pleased – it’s well done on so many levels and equally troubling, so how is this entertainment? Some will look at this series as justification of the ills religion has rendered upon the world. Others may actually agree with the method, though maybe not it’s full hardcore approach. Simply to me, I see the unbalanced behaviors of both sides have led to the gross and incredible failure of us as a society of not taking a stand for justice.Handmaid Tale Image2 Language

Language can be used to connect or divide and unfortunately a lot of division is apparent these days. From the easily offended to the ignorantly verbose tongue, opinions and buttholes, everyone has one. Exercising one’s right to speak is boldly and loudly stated, but nearly never is the choice to be quiet and think, loudly lauded. So with all of this posturing, big talk, many huff and puff, but these pseudo wolfs are barely able to blow candles out on a cake, let alone handle issues. The more noise, the less stillness and in the calm of contemplation is usually compromise and not condemnation. The polarization of society between economic inequalities, gender and ethnicities to name a few has distracted us from the simple truth that many of us are feeling the same – despair. Instead of finding things we have in common, increasingly there is more solace in division; using words to make painful stances, because it’s easier to deal from a space of anger than vulnerability. Cleverly, or at times not so much, hidden agendas masquerading for the betterment of others, but mostly it’s for personal gain.

Going deeper within myself I arrived to what my spirit already knows: entertainment can be administered on different levels. Fun for fun’s sake is fine at times, but there are also instances where fun with learning, provocative thoughts merge. For me the latter is the best type of entertainment. Using language as a way to express dismay as well as humor I think is the ultimate savvy way of letting the masses know we have got to come together before our societal house is blown down.

Blessed Be – Watch the show and you’ll know what’s up 🙂


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